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Aspherical manifolds

Wolfgang Lück


This is a survey on known results and open problems about closed aspherical manifolds, i.e., connected closed manifolds whose universal coverings are contractible. Many examples come from certain kinds of non-positive curvature conditions. The property aspherical, which is a purely homotopy theoretical condition, has many striking implications about the geometry and analysis of the manifold or its universal covering, and about the ring theoretic properties and the K- and L-theory of the group ring associated to its fundamental group.


aspherical manifold

Mathematical Subject Classification 2010

Primary: 57N99, 19A99, 19B99, 19D99, 19G24, 20C07, 20F25, 57P10


Received: 25th November 2010
Revised: 8th July 2012
Accepted: 24th August 2012
Published: 27th September 2012
Editor: Erik Pedersen